Changing the City From the Ground Up

The sun hides behind clouds but the heat still crawls through – bathing Phoenix in heat despite the gloom and shadows. A girl sits cross legged on a bench under the shelter of a tree.

Febe Bubisch a local student living in Phoenix was asked “If you could change anything about the city, what would it be?” Taking a moment to think Bubisch sets her notebooks on her lap and fans herself with some papers as she stares out onto the street.

“I wish that the city had streets that weren’t blacktop because it is so hot in the city. It attracts more heat and it makes the whole city hotter.”

Bubisch who is from New York City jests that she is used to having normal seasons in comparison to Phoenix.”I would instead use concrete rather than blacktop so it would be significantly less hot when the sun is out.”

Bubisch also wishes that Phoenix would recycle more but thinks that the changing the streets is a more important issue.

Stop Sign

Depressing Stop Sign with Graffiti

Street with Car

Street with Blacktop


Street in Phoenix