Short Story

I wrote this story in High School as explained in my ‘About Me Video’.

I took a creative writing class and it was this short story that made me want to explore the world of journalism. After I read this story to the entire class they started crying and it was then that I realized the power of words.

This story pushed me to what I wanted to be today.

Hope you enjoy!

Soft and Sweet

Blue is soft and sweet, like marshmallows in between my teeth.

The morning sun warms up the fresh spring mushrooms.

They give off an aroma that makes butterflies dance in the rain like demons near a bonfire.

The sky is blue and the sea is blue but why isn’t the water in my body blue?

The first time I cut my finger with scissors red water came out.

Red is warm and sweet, like gummy bears in between my teeth.

Did you know gummy bears don’t have bones?

I’m sad that dogs can’t enjoy gummy bears but at least they eat pancakes.

How many pancakes did I fit into that dog house again?

Puppies are cute and sweet, like my dog Rover.

How did he die again?


At least goldfish don’t die.

They just turn to mush and smell of cheese when I put them into water.

I had a babysitter named…named…Babysitter.

She is old and sweet, like Saturday Morning Cartoons.

But she doesn’t want to come and see me anymore.

It happened when she started arguing with my Mom and Mom started to argue back.

Something about money.

I get confused.

Does she want more? I have some in a piggy bank somewhere, will that help her stay?

She eventually leaves.

Mom eventually cries.

I’m sad she’s gone, she was a good babysitter.

I remember how she helped me burry my dog Rover out back.

She let me cry on her leg as he was lowered down into the dirt.

I still don’t understand why dogs die when you give them chocolate pancakes.

Mom is going off to work, she says I need to behave myself when she is gone.

She says that I will be alone for a bit but I’m old enough to take care of myself.

I found my piggy bank today.

Are four big coins and two little ones enough to get Babysitter back?

Mother says that it will snow soon.

Snow is cold and sweet, like frosting on cupcakes.

When the land is covered with this layer of freezing white flour I try to bake with it.

But no matter how hard I try and dig in the frozen earth I can’t find any mushrooms.

I saw a dinosaur foot print in the snow when I was done baking.

I want to be a dinosaur.

Do dinosaurs wear clothes?

Wouldn’t they catch a cold out in the snow with no jacket?

I did.

Now I have to stay inside and stay warm.

Mom won’t stop yelling at me.

She says I’m an idiot for taking my clothes off outside.

I think she is just jealous.

She wants to play dino too.

It’s been a few weeks now and it’s still snowing outside and I’m still inside.

Mom called the doctor awhile back and now I have to take medicine.

The liquid she wants me to drink is sour and sweet like cold water splashed on my face.

Did you know that if you don’t drink the medicine you don’t have a bad taste in your mouth?

Why do they make you drink that stuff?

It tastes bad.

I don’t drink it at least when Mom isn’t looking but she found me out eventually.

She started yelling again and watches me drink it now.

I hate the stuff.

As I’m sitting inside I play whirlpool with the toilet.

He is winning no matter what I put in it.

I think he is cheating.

Mom is always gone, “I’m working” she says.

Well…I’m here and she isn’t…and I’m bored.

How much water does a sink have?

You can keep it on all day and water will always come out.

It keeps going and going and going…

I’m not getting better.

I’m getting weaker and it’s hard to breath, I stay in beds most days.

Mom isn’t angry anymore, she just cries.

I don’t want her to cry.

Does she want to play dino?

Does she want my piggy bank?

I will give anything to her if only she would stop crying.

Tears are silent and sweet like clouds moving slowly in the wind.

Is that what I should have been drinking?

That red liquid taste o.k. but tears look more like real water.

I try to reach up and steal the tears from my Mom’s face but I can’t lift my hand.

I feel weak and tired.

The Doc came by again.

He was a different Doc from before but he still had a white jacket and carried a black bag.

He is talking to my Mom and she starts crying again.

Something about money, bills, water, I get confused.

I’m thirsty again but I have no tears to steal.

I sleep instead.

My Mom is over me when I wake up.

She is smiling and talking in the sweetest voice I ever heard.

Sweeter then clouds in the wind, cold water splashed on my face, frosting on cupcakes, Saturday Morning Cartoons, my dog Rover, gummy bears in between my teeth, marshmallows in between my teeth, in between my teeth…

Is she really my mom?

Her voice sounds different, it sounds so kind, but she looks like my Mom so she must be.

She is wiping my face with a cloth and its warm…and loving…and sweet…

I know my Mom is talking to me but it’s getting hard to understand what she is saying.

Something about how she will see me again soon.

Where is she going?

I don’t want her to leave.

The rhythm of her breathing bathes over me.

It smells so good, so sweet.

It reminds me of my dog…did I have a dog?

Or was it a cat?

No…I had a goldfish, that’s right…

My Mom’s breath is getting slower and starts puffing.

Is she crying?

Is she sad she is leaving?

Why can’t she stay here?

I want to hug her, comfort her, and say it’s going to be o.k. but I’m getting tired.

All I have is enough energy to squeeze my Mom’s hand.

Why is she leaving?

She starts getting blurry…

I’ll miss her.

I hope…to see…her…

Darkness is soft and sweet, like a mother cradling her child to sleep.